Gas infrared radiators are provided to improve the production rates and increase the profit of any type of poultry/pork installation.
Thanks to the stainless steel plate, the anodised aluminium reflector and the conical radiant surface the gas infrared radiator provides more radiant energy using less gas than any other system on the market.
In addition to having a larger coverage area, the gas infrared radiator allows you to make considerable savings on your gas costs compared to similar equipment on the market and/or other technologies.


  • High pressure (from 1,290 to 10,320 Kcal/h) 
  • Low pressure (from 1.200 to 10.320 Kcal/h) 
  • High pressure with thermostat (from 4,300 to 8,600 Kcal/h) 


  • Possibility of progressively regulating the power, from 10% to 100%.
  • Ideal distribution of radiation, without obstruction.
  • Two radiating surfaces. Even at low speeds.
  • Two metal radiating surfaces made up of two concentric cones, i.e. two radiators in one.
  • Another technically strong point is the absence of an air filter, while still maintaining correct combustion.
  • At the end of the breeding period, the radiator can be washed with water, both internally and externally.


  • High energy efficiency: 30% - 40% energy savings compared to conventional systems
  • High quality, durability and a warmer comfort
  • Partial heating possibility
  • No movement of dust or air currents
  • Rapid start up