The chain conveyor unit is the ideal system for distributing dry feed, whether it be: flour, crumbs, or pellets in pig farms. The pulling machine and its accessories are made completely of stainless-steel to extend the life of the system. In addition, the conveyor cast iron wheel system pulls directly from the chain link, never from the plastic discs, to prevent any wear and tear on the plastic parts. The EXAFAN chain conveyor system can be adapted to any type of installation, giving great performance in any situation, increasing the possibility of applying multiple corners in the installation.


  • 50 SLOW 
  • 50 FAST 
  • 60 SLOW 
  • 60 FAST 
  • 60 SLOW ECO 


  • Made of stainless-steel.
  • Increased chain thickness
  • Adapts to any type of installation.
  • Inalterable due to temperature changes
  • Special polished chain
  • Durability tested by our clients.
  • High capacity to transport many dry foods.
  • Easy maintenance.
  • Long useful life.
  • Allows interior or exterior installation.