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Air dispersing hopper for rearing

An ideal feeding system controlled by weighing scales in the hoppers. Feed is spread evenly across the ground which does not limit feed to one location. This system disperses the feed allocated by Kg to each hopper throughout the building from above. Spreading the feed across the ground from the air, helps to spread out the density of the birds. Ideal for broilers, turkeys, ducks, quails and partridges. Being fully automated it improves feeding results with accurate timing and precise amount of feed while also reducing workload.

  • Greater number of birds per square metre.
  • Significant reduction in labour.
  • Less feed line materials and consumption loss.
  • More uniform flock
  • Uniformity of rations
  • Does not destroy granulated feed
  • Uniform distribution over the entire production surface.

Technical characteristics

  • Differential scale: Maximum weight; 250 Kgs
  • Storage hopper: Standard capacity: 300 litres. Dimensions: 160x60x113
  • Multi-rotor: Equipment with 0.5 Hp three-phase motor. Motor speed of 1.400 r.p.m

Available models

  • MC 6 170 KG.

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Air dispersing hopper for rearing
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