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High flow cone fans – EX

The wide range of cone fans here are designed to provide more airflow, at greater efficiently. Also providing simpler assembly and mounting system. From only incorporating a cone onto the unique EXAFAN’s design, the performance of the fan manages to be increase by 12 to 15%, significantly reducing the electrical consumption of the motor. The installation for the fan’s design transfers the weight of the fan to the foundation/wall, reducing stress and wear on the fan parts.

  • The cone provides 12 to 15% more flow and efficiency than a shutter fan.

Technical characteristics

  • The three-bladed propeller provides greater performance due to the reduction in consumption; it also provides greater stability to the assembly by reducing vibrations.
  • The magnetic rubber protection prevents the valve from opening, using the air’s overpressure, and protects friction wear and tear.
  • Butterfly valve closing system. This closing system provides 75% less air obstruction compared to the usual shutter system.
  • The valves do not suffer the 12% loss of efficiency due to dirt and deterioration of the usual shutters, letting it have definite durability with little to no maintenance.

Available models

  • 1 HP
  • 1.5 HP
  • 2 HP

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High flow cone fans – EX
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