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Intergrated Poultry Control System SCA

The SCA poultry control system is a single platform tool that pulls together all of the benefits emphasized below and includes precision control within a well-organized programed display. Easily covering and managing all the needs that individual, multiple or large integrators have, getting the best out of their farms. Working closely with the end user, Exafan can help meet top profit margins, by matching this equipment to the client’s requirements.

SCA’s convenient, fast and efficient touch display organises a detailed amount of parameters with care and uniformity, condensing great amounts of controlling inputs into a simply display, providing the end-user with a personal store of proven performance control and calculations.

• Information management: tables, graphs, reports, etc.
• Notification and alert system for any abnormalities.
• Building layout screen and guided needs support
• Possibility of remote data correction

NEW: As SCA has an inbuilt storage memory it also has the capacity to transmit and send all information generated to a data “cloud. Here the central office can organize and store what is generated safely and efficiently, so that SCA’s extensive control can be carried out from any device.

  • Total control of any type of installation.
  • Intuitive and simple operation from a large touch screen display.
  • Managing large amounts of information, from multiple sources (sensors, alarms, scales, etc.)
  • Controlling any complete line of equipment presented on a farm, adaptable to each need on each project.

Available models

  • SCA (10 inch touch screen display)
  • SCA integrated in electrical panel (15-inch touch screen display)

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Intergrated Poultry Control System SCA
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