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Polyurethane Air inlets -VEA - Exafan

Using high quality polyurethane with a high level of insulation makes these inlets the ideal solution for livestock breeding. Its characteristics also include high resistance "thermoset plastic" achieving little weight and resistance to corrosion and acids. The product’s insulation value does not allow any condensation.

The air inlet’s lightness makes it easy to install and prevents over-dimension or loading down the structure.

EXAFAN's polyurethane air inlets, suitably directs the air flow currents, while also providing excellent insulation. As a result this insulation helps the heating and ventilation systems preform more efficiently. The product prevents distortions in the air flow, and so avoids dead zones to be found in the building ultimately preventing poorly ventilated systems.

These air inlets have the ability to be installed on the ceiling. An Ideal concept for those cases where it is preferred not to have the air coming directly from the outside.

  • Made of high density polyurethane, with stainless steel screws
  • The framed edges, (set in the hole) are provided with insulation and waterproofing, such as sealing gaskets (exception with pigs).

Available models

  • VEA-100 (1m wide)
  • VEA-140 (1.4m wide)
  • VEA-TUN (2, 3 and 4 blade tunnel openings)
  • VEA-PU-t (ceiling inlet)
  • Availability of models with translucent blades (for the wall)

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Polyurethane Air inlets -VEA - Exafan
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