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Vega Feeding Pan for breeding hens

The VEGA feeder is designed using resistant materials and is exclusively for breeding hens. The numerous feeding holes provide control and safe access to feed and optimise intake while avoiding feed loss. The size of these holes can be easily adapted. This prevents the rooster from eating inside these pans.

  • The system for controlling the width and height of the food access holes is extremely simple and quick to implement.
  • Blocking the rotation of the feeder is very simple and effective, thanks to the collar located inside the downspout.
  • The side holes control the position of the animals to optimise their feed intake and reduce waste.
  • The feeding level is adjustable from the outside.

Technical characteristics

  • Plate diameter: 40cm.
  • Number of animals: 16 chickens
  • Tube diameter: 45 mm

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Vega Feeding Pan for breeding hens
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