Broiler farms

A major part of the meat industry is dedicated to fattening farms, especially the production of chickens (broilers). The buildings used for broilers are characterised by their long dimensions, forced ventilation and litter-covered flooring. Feed and water is constantly conveyed to the animals, through suspended lines of feeders and drinkers. EXAFAN’s houses for broilers are designed to economically increase the total weight of the bird, with uniformed carcass formation and high meat quality. This is achievable if we control the animal’s environments, encourage uniformed growth for each bird and attain the highest welfare conditions. This optimal environment is provided by EXAFAN and embedded in each of our controllers. These controllers receive information such as: air quality, temperature and humidity from the sensors and regulates the fans, air inlets, cooling, and heating systems, etc. From all this information the controller accurately manages the environment and the animal’s daily requirements.

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