Turkey Farms

Turkey production has been steadily growing in Spain. Statistics show that turkey meat is widely accepted as being a suitable and economical alternative to pork. Its ease and versatility in cutting, filleting and deboning helps processors to make an abundant range of final products. There are many positive differences between the anatomy and physiology of the various organs and tissues between turkeys and chickens. Firstly, turkey meat contains more protein. Secondly, more amino acids are found in turkey meat than in chicken meat, and thirdly, it has a lower fat and cholesterol content. However, turkey production needs much more care in management. For example the feeding solutions, and careful programming in climate control is needed; turkeys have difficulties adapting to their environment, especially in the earlier stages.

Experts in turkey farms

Turkey farms have special characteristics, adapted to the size and needs of the animals. The feeding systems and drinking lines need to be appropriate and configured according to the farm dimensions so that the animals per m3 always have adequate access to feed and water ensuring optimal rearing results.


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